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The ability to land anywhere with as little of a footprint as possible is important to a successful UAV system. Unmanned Capabilities LLC. can help you find the optimal solution for your needs. The MURS-1 is a patented, modular designed mobile UAV recovery system. The recovery system is lightweight and simple to assemble and operate. It is designed to be scalable to various sized UAV’s by easily changing its width, length, and/or height or adjusting the number of bungees and the tension according to the aircraft weight. The MURS-1 can be used stationary, motorized or towed behind an ATV to reduce the UAV’s capture speed overall reducing airframe stress and the risk of damaging the payload and other senstive electronics. The MURS-1 is ideal for landing fixed wing UAV's on ships during maritime operations.

Find out more about how to use our Mobile UAV Recovery System. Let us help find the best possible solution for your platform.

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We have recently been granted a Utility and Method patent for our Mobile Recovery System

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