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Mobile UAS Recovery System (MURS-1)

Mobile UAS Recovery System (Fixed Wing)
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MURS-1 Fixed wing recovery system
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  • Mobile
  • Modular design
  • Scalable to aircraft size
  • Small logistical footprint
  • Reduces aircraft weight/ Eliminates 
  • Eliminates the need for landing gear or a runway
  • Ideal for maritime operations
  • Reduces risk of damaging payloads over skid landing



The Mobile UAS Recovery System can be towed, self-driven or used stationary. 

  • Towing behind a vehicle will further decrease the amount of stress on the airframe during recovery by reducing the capture speed. 
  • The system can be self-driven with a configuration of electric motors. 
  • The stationary configuration can be on wheel or a rail system. The system of diagonal bungeess will  absorb most of the momentum, while the system rolls foward further dispersing the capture momentum. 






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We have recently been granted a Utility and Method patent for our Mobile Recovery System

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